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Robby doesn’t just play a mean guitar, he can also entertain the you-know-what out of an audience!

Robby was born to perform. He lights up every stage he touches and has a way of connecting with any audience, no matter the style/venue/air pressure. Whether as a solo act, small ensemble, or full band, Robby can fulfill the entertainment needs for your venue or event.



If people are sitting it better be because we're on break!


Need a jazz guitarist for your fancy cocktail party? How about a flamenco guitarist for your restaurant? Maybe you own a bar and are looking for a one man live-looping act?


Robby is one of the most versatile solo guitarists in Colorado. Whether he’s playing classical guitar for a wedding ceremony, keeping the energy high at Fundraiser, or setting the right mood for your private event, Robby has the goods! This is your one-stop shop for any and all forms solo guitar takes: Spanish/Flamenco, Jazz, Blues, Classical, Folksy Fingerpicking’ and background mood music. Book Robby for your Venue or Event Today!


If you are looking for a little more energy, why not try one of Robby’s many groups.  Duos, Trios and Quartets that specialize in Jazz/Blues, Funk/Rock, Folk/Bluegrass and Flamenco/Spanish music. These small ensembles are great if you want the live band experience, without something that overpowers the room. Now offering a multi-genre group, which features music of all aforementioned styles-for something completely different!


If you are looking to bring out the big guns, then you need one of Robby’s full-size dance bands.Tent Show Kings, Soul Libre, and Moment’s Notice Bandare all slightly different flavors of your high energy and variety dance bands. These bands come complete with guitar, drums, bass, keyboards, full horn sections, Multiple Singers, sound, lights, and dance moves! All three of these bands play a sightly different repertoire of hits from every decade (complete repertoire lists available upon request).  Contact Robby now for more information, availability and pricing!